16 Apr 2012

A Malay Song by Red Soul.

The Korean acapella group Red Soul came up with their self-composed Malay song and performed it during the autograph sessions at City Mall KK yesterday. The song is inspired by some Malay words they've learnt while in Malaysia (yupp that's right..one simple way of mastering foreign language is by singing :=))


SciaS said...

Woww...spontaneous ka ni? Not bad oh..nice melody and of course the lyrics hehehe

dBOS-fm said...

Ndak juga spontaneous kali ni. Durang blajar malay dri KL lagi..so i think they take sometime to compose it b4 sing it here.

SciaS said...

I like it..very the harmony :)

I was in City Mall last weekends, kenapa sy tidak perasan diorg ada di sana..hmm rugi rugi