27 May 2006

For the sake of one million ringgit!

WOW!...Wee!..I wonder how many of you guys watched the debut program of One in a Million on 8TV last night? It showed the audition in KK. Although I have so many things boggling in my mind, I had fun and truly enjoyed watching it. There were few familiar faces that I shall put in Category A in the Sabah local music scene. But then, hey! Who bother to ask why they were in the auditions. The first familiar face was Marcellus (Gatisi). He’s not a stranger to singing competition. He represented Sabah in TV3’s Sinaran (few years back). A finalist in Bintang RTM 2004 and even won the favorite contestant award for securing the most number of SMS votes. Unfortunately his rich, deep and bassy powerful voice failed to impress the judges (hmmm…how strange!). Next in the line of familiar faces was Atama. Surprise?!, hmmm maybe! But not as much as learning that Dayang Nurfaezah is also one of the hopefuls. After all, OIAM is opened to amateur and professional singers alike He performed the rap part of “Can’t Stop the Sumazau” and absolutely impressed the judges. Atama proceeds to sing, when asked to, by Syafinaz. But this is when the judges feel that he should stick to rap (as a polite way of saying “no” to him, I guess). It’s pretty obvious though, the program is actually looking for melodious vocals.

Next up, was Ivye, singing Ruth Sahanya’s “Kaulah Segalanya”. Her voice was absolutely fantastic but the judges were so reluctant and undecided to pass her through. This made you wonder why? Could it be that she lost her cute smiley face when she sings? The song “Kaulah Segalanya” really suited her voice, although the judges didn’t think so. In my humble opinion she had probably confused the judges over her tense facial expression while singing the song. On top of that, her gesture, body language and movement, all look so rough and tense and did not match with the theme of the song (with all the wrong combination the judges accused the song doesn’t suit her voice). Perhaps all she needs to do is to loosen up a little bit, calm down, stand up straight, face straight forward, raise her eyebrows and very important, is to put just a little smile to her face (yupp! After all she's suppose to happily telling someone that he’s everything to her in a song! Right!?) So the judges, who were still unconvinced, asked her for another song. This time she sang “Falling in Love” (by Alicia Key) and guess what, she repeated the same thing as before! After two songs, she’s sent to the KIV group (how pitty!) It’s all a matter of portraying a proper facial expression and gesture. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her voice!

So! Obviously everybody was sooo nervous. When you are nervous you have two options. One, is to really show it off like what Jason did (he’s the most significant nervous rack out of the whole bunch). If you opt for this option, no matter how good you sound, the chances are, you’d be sent to the KIV group as what happened to Jason. The second option is to pretend that you are not nervous at all by simply doing some clowning act (even though you might look like a fool!). At least this is what the guy from Putatan did. (he said he’s working in a carpet factory, do we have a carpet factory in KK?). He slowly walked to the room looking at the ceiling as if being amazed by a pair of lizard making love. This has forced Syafinaz to laugh! (I said “forced” caused she was laughing so unnaturally – or perhaps that’s how she laughs!). Not so sure what to do, Paul reluctantly decided to laugh as well (or was it Syafinaz elbowed him, whispering “damn it!..can’t you see he’s clowning, please don’t just keep quiet! Do something!). So when you’ve made the judges laugh at the time when they mostly need it (in the moment of stress) they’ll unconsciously say “YES!” even if you’re merely able to carry a tune (they don’t bother sending you to the KIV group, that’s when I see, how unfair the judging being done).

The program last night also showed some kind of a new “breed” of Sabahans. Those individuals that make you feel “was-was”, prompting you to ask “ini orang local kah atau pelarian?”. When asked for a second song, one contestant without much thought sang a Tagalog number as if she’s munching her food and been singing it ever since she was born! Another contestant speaks (in English) with accent exactly similar to Gloria Acapagal Aroyo! Guess what, they both made it through despite the lack of package! Of course everyone is to show their MyKads, but have you heard of forged MyKad rampantly happening around. At a fun event like this, who cares to check the original and cetak rompak?

Nevertheless there were some good news last night; the Kadazan guy from Penampang named Jorge (pronounced Yoj!) was so distinctive. I almost couldn’t capture the language when he sang his own composition of a hardcore rock blues number, it was indeed a Kadazan song! The girl from Tuaran who sang her own composition “Hujan” was also given the nod, despite a dramatic argument beforehand due to the misunderstanding of Syafinaz’s statement. Reno and few other familiar faces were briefly shown. We know up to this moment, Ivye and Reno were no longer the contenders; I’m just wondering the fate of the rest who made it through. But somehow I’ve a strong feeling those selected to be featured in the behind-the-scene-bio segment (including the two girls with questionable citizenships) are highly likely move forward. But will they be in the final 12? The question remains!.


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wath the debut episode online !!!

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And people still questioning why the music industry in Malaysia never get any better??