27 Jan 2009

Artistes united

It's been the talk among the netizens that Nikki and Audi Mok are engaged. Well I did come across an article a few months back that Nikki was in a romantic relationship with a Chinese guy from Malacca (no hint though about the guy profession). So this is the guy mentioned in the article. Although no firm confirmation from both parties, the picture below speaks a volume:-) (Apa?! Ko masih ragu-ragu?)


Kalau betul bagai dikata, congratulations to both of them :-). Memang sedondon bah durang kan!

P/s: Still waiting for Nikki's new album to reach KK music stores.


SciaS said...

Audi seems a nice guy to me. Wishing all the best to both of them!

dBOS-fm said...

Ya...tus talented and ada studio sendiri lagi...harap2 dia buka cawangan studio d sini..hehe

Anonymous said...

bound to happen kan? singer and song writer together?

dBOS-fm said...

..ditakdirkan Tuhan gitu :-)