15 Dec 2010

Hitz, Era dan My, Rasmi di KK

One of my friends who is following this blog from Sandakan (hello Mr. L..how are you..we'll be going to Sandakan again next week) SMS me with this joke "do you happen to moonlight as the Daily reporter by the name of Neil Chan?" (hahaha). It's so happen that I didn't update this blog for long and coincidently a new reporter appears on the daily, reporting subjects which are very close to my heart..music and environment (although I seldom write about environment here cos it's too damn serious topic). In addition to that, our first name is 98% sounds alike :). Well, if I were to disguise myself and use a Chinese-sound name, I already have my pick which is Elton Chong! My second pick is Elvis Bruce Lee..haha. But I don't think any daily will allow their reporters to publish fake name.

So here's the news about the official launching of three AMP's radio stations in KK as reported by it's-not-me-Neil Chan.

My only hope is the stations especially Era and Hitz will not just play locally (Sabah) produced songs through their 10 am - 1 pm slot (meant for KK/Sabah listeners alone). If they find the songs are good (in terms of composition and recording quality)and have the potential to be aired nationwide (through their main station) why not give it a go. In my opinion the songs like those in Ivye's album (Konspirasi Cinta dan Suratan Terakhir), The Ariez and Atama should be given the shot (mungkin banyak lagi lagu-lagu lain tapi lagu-lagu dari album durang ni ja yang saya sempat dengar dan yang saya rasa sedikit sebanyak telah mencapai industry standard)

If this really happens, we'll probably see an out-bound star from here in one of these days/months/years :)(without participating the made in KL reality shows).


Stacey Dave said...

waaa...stuju! i hope there's no "discrimination", mcm dulu2 tuuu...