1 Mar 2012

Ride It - Yayan

Another aspiring and talented local rapper...Yayan. This is his brand new single. According to his bio, his grandpa is Datuk M.Y. Ahmad...one of the prominent local singers back in the 60's (in case you don't know).

Oh yeah...ride it baby!

American Idol 11

The AI 11 live show kicked off yesterday. As usual I always look forward to its brand new setting (stage). Everything looks fine to me, except for the walls (on both sides of the stage)...I hardly noticed those walls in previous seasons (hehe)and find it awkward when they're suddenly conspicuous.

One of my early favourites...(sooo envy with his hair).

Quite a hard song to sing and I detect four minor glitches from 0 to 36 seconds (I admit I can't carry a song with much falsetto like this one).

I guess the weakest performance last night was the Korean guy..Heejun

Anak si Ledet ko nda minat? Minat bah juga...