29 Mar 2012

Kaandaman Ku Di Ama - Nelly Alfred

Lagu Kadazan berjudul "Kaandaman Ku Di Ama" nyanyian Nelly Alfred. Lagu dicipta oleh Nelly Alfred sendiri sementara lirik disumbangkan oleh Wilfred Kulaini.

Lampu Trafik Yang Kurang Bijaksana

I captured this footage in Lahad Datu yesterday (at one of the many traffic lights installed along Jalan Silam). Initially, both traffic lights from each direction turned red at the same time to give way for cars coming from a junction. However when the traffic light from the opposite direction turned green,ours remained red..haha. We were puzzled why traffic from our direction is not allowed to move (sudahlah kelam kabut mo sampai destinasi). When we see the last car making a 'U' turn, we guessed "oh ok it's for 'U' turn" but that's not the case as there was indeed a 'no u-turn' sign placed there (????)(the car was actually making illegal u-turn)....punya bikin panas.

Somebody fix it please!