24 May 2010

Adira - Ku Ada Kamu

Ku Ada Kamu

A great ballad indeed, although it sounds a little bit like Mariah Carey's Hero...hehe. Her singing style and lenggok is commendable. But I think she can do more on the vocal arrangement especially the dynamics. The second 'menyambut' (min 1:45) for instance sounds a little harsh, almost uncontrolled. I also anticipate more after the bridge (min 2:36)...I expect she plays around more with her voice doing extra counter melody and some crazy big notes etc..but it just never happen, instead she sings it safely on the melody itself. Too much room for improvements, probably they do it in rush or the producer is not in the mood to guide more. But again a great song dan sudah tentunya berada di kelas yang sama dengan lagu-lagu bertema inspirasi tempatan yang lain seperti Gemilang - Jac, Kau Teristimewa - Adibah, Hanya Di Mercu - Ayu, just to name a few. This kind of material is normally given to those with big voice and Adira is so lucky to have been given the task to record it, for a simple reason...she does have big voice :=).

Ku Ada Kamu - MTV.

Apa pun lagu Kaamatan jangan dilupa terutama lagu kaamatan klasik..:=)

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