19 Aug 2010

Atama - Spend Time With Me

Check it out

TV interview turns into a hit tune.

This happened in the US...this guy expressed his anger at a rapist, who attempted to rape his younger sister, in a TV interview.

Some creative mind out there turned the interview (lyrics from every word he uttered) into a hip hop song...

The song was download like 30 million times on iTune and the guy above gets his share of royalty...THAT'S INCREDIBLE! :=)


GuRaNgAk said...

Wow! This is really really 'kewl' piece of artwork! One lucky guy..

dBOS-fm said...

Very creative I tell you..a masterpiece. With software like Autotune, Melodyne u can easily tune speech voice to the right pitch...add some beats...rythm...some background vocals..voilaa! U have youself a song..;=)