8 Dec 2005

Where have all the talented kids gone??

Once upon a time there were six young boys named, Madlan, Mogs, Awin, Blaqe, Faridz and Lee who came from Kudat. Together they formed a group called KIDZ. This is not the bubble gum boys group, who attracted the crowds more with their looks and dance moves instead of their talents. These kids played the musical instrument…yupp…the real adult size instruments. Some businessperson in Kudat realised their extraordinary talents or probably see the dollar and cent as well, and took a bold step introducing them to record companies in KL. They managed to cut a deal with Warner Music (WEA) and along came their debut album simply entitled KIDZ. The album which comprised of ten tracks involved some prominent names in the music industry such as Ajai, Loloq, Arab, Fauzi Marzuki, just to name a few. A song composed and written by Ajai and Nurul entitled Demi Cinta eventually turned out to be the killer song of the album. It received frequent air plays over radio stations and rules the music charts on radio and TV (TV3’s Juara Lagu). The KIDZ appeared in most stage shows in Sabah, mostly at government organized events in Kudat, of course they’ve become the proud of Kudat! They were the Akademi Fantasia stars back then. Unfortunately, they are slowly fading away (or has it got to do with them who have grown up and the term Kids is no longer appropriate? Or they focus more on academic? I just hope to get the answer). Whatever it is, I wish to see they make a come back. They’re still young; if my prediction is correct they are like 18 – 20 years old this year. Their talents shouldn’t go to waste, especially the lead singer Blaqe. Although he sounds a cross between Ekamatra’s Rahmat and Alleycats voice, I still believe he has a distinctive voice. Back in June this year, I stumbled upon a group of boys at Buhavan Square Donggongon, who were shooting a video clip for their new single. One of them spotted a platinum blonde hair!! (not the albino type OK!). Once asked, they are indeed the KIDZ. That was in June, their new album should be around by now!?? Just eager to find out how Blaqe sounds nowadays. Well, if any of you miss them just take a listen to Track 33 “Demi Cinta”.