6 Jul 2006

Linda is missing! (again?!)

Wonder where Linda of the second season of Akademi Fantasia is?

Seriously? We don’t really know either.

Sources from Maestro Talent & Management however tell us that the girl has gone AWOL. We don’t know what’s the matter with this girl, but she’s been turning down show offers and supposedly has locked herself home, despite her songs doing extremely well on the radio charts.

Word is that Maestro are not too keen on the problematic girl whose contract with the company is still active.

Maybe they should just terminate ties then if she's going to be a liability.

(Extract from The Buzz, Malay Mail, 6 June 2006)

P/s: Hmm...ada siapa2 tau mana si Linda ni?


F!oNa said...

c dui sakit be kaka dB.. suda sia call urang yang terdekat dengan c udui.. sakit tonsil kenen..

adeh..sa sasak napas suda menanti kemunculan c udui nie.. nga walaumaciamanapun,sa tatap die hard fun da maciam dulu juga...

LUVs always...

dBOS-fm said...

Dui gia...sian juga..balik2 dapat tonsil..kalau nda silap dulupun dia kena tonsil jugakan...boleh buang bah tonsil tu..mcm kwn sia..dia operate remove..sbb nnti kronik..apapun semoga dia cepat sembuh.