6 Apr 2008

AF6 : Konsert 3

Mengumumkan sekali lagi kemunculan pakcik mencarut konsert AF6...hehe. Tema rock beb! But before that terimalah dulu kemunculan dua orang 'Ciki' membawa telefon (telefon siapalah yang kena curi tu) dan remote control Astro (patutpun remote control di rumah saya hilang). Perlukah demonstarsi tu. Atau masih ada orang yang belum kenal telefon fix line and remote control *LOL*

Stacy = Pelesit Kota ( Search ) B

Alamk terlebih sudah! Yupp...agree that Stacy moves a bit too much and kurang teratur. This leads me to question "where's the guru Showmanship(Anita Sarawak)?". Somebody needs to guide her on bila masa nak bergerak and bila masa tak perlu bergerak! But vocally as usual splendid, she did justice to this song. Cuma it's good if she can hold the big notes slightly longer with strong vibration. But this is not an easy song (yang tersusah ditugaskan kepada pelajar minggu ini)

Faisal = Sentuhan Kecundang (Ekamatra) F

Aduh! Sakit telinga aku! Off-key habis. A reminiscence to his first concert performance. Looks like this guy is having a throat problem. He started to sound like Cikgu Siti Hajar (the first victim of Siti Hajar vocal class?). I've mentioned this many times before AF vocal class brings more harm than good. By the way, did he wear the same outfit as last week? Nampak macam sama saja.

Nadia = Total Eclipse of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) B+

This song is so hypnotizing. Whoever sings it will mesmerized the audience. Nadia is so lucky to have it. She sang it so well for the low notes (she has a good low notes tone). She almost lost the essence during the chorus, with a slight pitch problems. To me Nadia's voice tends to sound thin when it comes to high note (not as enormous as her low notes). I still don't get to hear the big or strong resonance(gema)from her, seperti biasa kedengaran pada Jac, Adibah, Mariah, Whitney, Velvet, Celine just to name a few (including Stacy as well).

Aliff = Kamelia (Sweet Charity) B

Vocally he showed some improvements. But still there are couples of either pitch problem or vocal glitch here and there. By the way, why does he look geram semacam? *LOL* (Adlin's comments on him is accurate but not Ogy's)

Lufya = Tika Dan Saat Ini (Medicine) C

Outfit dia ni kan, mungkin salah satu yang kena reject last week semasa fitting untuk lagu dangdut. Sian Lufya. Facial expression pula terlebih over dose! Surprisingly vocal wise she did pretty good (especially the big note at the ending) adalah juga attitude rock sikit-sikit and not much pitching problem

Naim = Opera Hidup (Wings) E

Hmm...he really unable to carry this song. Kesian! All I see is a lakonan aksi brutal rock yang dipaksa. Vocal beliau juga tiada attitude rock (sekadar dipaksa)

Stanly = Patahnya Sayap Malam (Massa) C+

Nampak sangat Stanly bertungkus lumus menyelaraskan suara beliau untuk kena dengan lagu ini. Macam terserlah pula suara ala-ala Chinese crooner dipaksa menyanyi lagu rock. Kedengaran lebih banyak chess tone. I think kalau dia boleh buat atau combine sikit nasal sound it would be good. He almost lost the tempo but overall it's not a bad effort.

Saida = Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah (Ella) C+

The good news is she stays to herself and the bad news is 'staying to herself' means no rock attitude at all. Just imagine if she wears something like Lufya singing this song. Suara tidaklah solid and firm sangat menyampaikan lagu ni. The big notes mostly flat, tak cukup 'bulat'(I'm don't agree with Ning about pengawalan suara Saida bagus). But again she did it in her own way menggunakan kemampuan beliau tersendiri yang sangatlah terhad.

Nubhan = Summer 69 (Bryan Adams) D+

Nubhan's husky voice probably reminds Ramli MS of Bryan Adam hence assigning him this song. But then...he lost his essence in this song. The husky and silky voice is nowhere to be heard. All I heard is a shaky voice, pitchy, glitchy and poor diction as well. In short a very poor delivery from him this time (yet Ogy mentioned about 'peningkatan' *LOL*, tak faham apa peningkatan yang Ogy maksudkan di sini...Ogy ni pandai kritik kah tidak ni?..oops!). I like his jacket anyway although he looks uncomfortable with the sun glass

Riz = Keunggulan Cinta (BPR) B+

Not a very good permulaan. But Riz picked up as the songs progressed. He knows how to adjust his voice accordingly to this song. Tapi kedengaran juga part suara serak rock yang sengaja dibuat (dipaksa). Another good performance from Riz.

Toi = C.I.N.T.A (XPDC) C+

This is indeed not a very challenging song in terms of melody and should not be a problem to any amateur. And Toi delivered just as expected.

Rina = Enter Sandman (Metallica) A

The voice, gestures, stage presentations are all solidly in place. Heard that this song is one of her favourites and been singing it numerous times. But then the song is not that challenging right?! The same melody is repeated over and over again and not much improvisation from her while doing so. But overall still a good performance as compared with the rest.

My ranking

Rina, Nadia, Stacy, Riz, Toi, Lufya, Aliff, Saida, Stanly, Nubhan, Naim and Faisal.


Can you imagine the producer probably said "AC tolong sound terus, dah tak der masa dah ni tinggal seminit jer lagi!". AC pulled the tag and with one exhale announced the names of the two students eliminated...Lufya and Naim. Is this the shortest announcement ever? No suspense whatsoever. Naim yes...setuju sangat but not Lufya. To me Lufya (as well as Yana) still have lots that they haven't shown yet to the audience. Lufya is improving. To me she did better than Saida, Nubhan, Faisal (and of course Naim) but apa boleh buat rezeki tak memihak beliau (has it got anything to do with her family yang ada business bersepah sini sana...kira keluarga berada lah juga dia ni)