8 Apr 2008

A big crime against nature??

It annoys me by just looking at this photo...argh (tapi tempek juga di sini kan..hehe). All this while I thought I'm a very, very open minded person, but when it comes to a fact like this, it really challenges my mind. Initially I'm not sure what to think of it all :=) but having read some articles about the person's background and watched Oprah's interview with this...err...creature, I sum it up that THERE IS NO PREGNANT MAN HERE...HELLO!. That creature is a woman who mutilate her body to make it appears as though she is a male...as simple as that. Isn't he looked stunning when he was a woman? Finalis Hawaii Miss Teen USA lagi!

Just watch these 'idiots' (oops!) being glorified on Oprah show. The show is suppose to be screened anytime this week on Hallmark, but glad to find it earlier on YouTube. There are couples of hilarious moments though during the interview (is just makes you wonder is male sex organ originated from female's one? *LOL*)

That poor soon-to-be-born child would be a victim of bully. Imagine to have words like "you're an idiot because you came out through an a*****e (although that pregnant creature is going to have a caesarian). Sigh! Am I still on earth or somewhere on other planets? Mars? Venus?....

Click this YouTube channel to watch the rest of the series (before Oprah requests YouTube to delete them)