7 Feb 2011

Lagu Lama Masih Segar

I came across an advertisement in newspaper today about Amy Mastura being appointed as 'duta' for the health equipment store chain Takasima. My mind quickly flashback to the time when I purchased a digital weighing scale at the store's outlet in Kompleks Karamunsing back in 2007. It cost me RM 175 after asking for discount (the original price was RM 179). Months later I saw the exact digital weighing scale at Servey Hypermarket and the price? RM 50! I was stunned. Itulah pengalaman pahit sepanjang membeli belah dalam hidup saya (haha). I'm not a smart shopper after all.

Anyway let's take a listen to this song Hadir by Nadia recorded back in 1996. Probably her second best song after 'Salam Untuk Kekasih'

Mana mo cari suara macam tu di Malaysia sekarang? Di Sipitang ja ada ;). Ngam juga dia buat come back. Ada juga variasi vokal penyanyi-penyanyi perempuan