16 Feb 2011

P.R.Inc Peneraju "KL-pop"

Nampak gaya ada usaha untuk memperkenalkan kumpulan P.R.Inc ke luar negara, salah satu usaha tersebut ialah mengalihbahasa lagu mereka ke bahasa Korea :=). Namun begitu mereka bakal mengguna istilah "KL-Pop" untuk perjuangan mereka di peringkat antarabangsa. So sekiranya berjaya maka mereka bolehlah dianggap sebagai peneraju "KL-Pop". Ikuti laporan seterusnya :=)


Rare Grammy entrance by Gaga

Lady Gaga has never run out of idea to seek people attention. Not enough with her weird...awkward fashion (wired/antenna dress. meaty dress..you name it) she made her Grammy 2011 entrance in an 'egg'. No doubt it's hilarious but it makes me think sometimes, is this lady born to be an attention seeker? She probably didn't get the due attention when she was a child (I read somewhere she was once a victim of bully), so it's time to make up all the losses...haha.

Announcing the arrival of Lady Weirdo...(rehearsing her own funeral or what?)

The crowds seem to forget (for a while) that there are other stars on the red carpet the moment she made her entrance.

And one of her soon-to-be-released tracks (in May this year) is entitled "Government Hooker" (hahaha)

P/s: Thank God Justine Bieber didn't win "Best New Artiste" and holly gracious Bruno Mars wins Best Male Pop Vocal Perfomance...over topping Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, John Myer and Michael Buble