28 Jan 2008

A truly magical night for Estranged

Mana lebih hebat magic kah atau kejutan? Of courselah magic kan! In the movie Harry Potter even brooms used for sweeping the floor can fly!. So with the theme "Keajaiban Muzik", magic is what its all about in the AJL 22. With a magic wand, an underdog band Estranged turned out to be the big winner! Well the judges are probably sending the message to Malaysians "you don't have to listen to Indon bands anymore, we do have equally good band with just equally good song quality down here!"...:=).

For once I thought Ceritera Cinta performed by Jac and Lah stand a chance to win the grand prize. Anyways they won best vocal for that song. I also thought with a slight touch of miracle Bob would probably be named as the best vocalist. He perfectly delivered the song. But the magic didn't happen to him! (Fiq also performed Mahakarya very well...meremang bulu roma I dengar...hehe)

Out of all the songs "Itu Kamu" won...Woww!!. A favourite song indeed but honestly I just couldn't believe it! But again it's all about magic! Hopefully no one will grumble this time around, especially the guy who made noise on Gemilang victory in AJL20...:). I always believe those who had won AJL automatically become member of the A-list club of Malaysian entertainers. Congratulations to Estranged especially Rich who writes the lyrics. Yang penting ada laungan....Aramaitieee!..:=)