1 May 2009

OIAM 3 - Established artiste won

HOW FRUSTRATING! I voted non-stop, using the fix line until 10.20 pm, right after Esther sang her second song (the sms lines seemed hard to get through at that moment). Now I realised how unfair it is for the decision to have three grand finalists, especially when the voting counter is re-set to zero. 8TV should have planned earlier, just like they did in season one, instead of giving the tasks to viewers. Re-setting the voting counter back to zero is just unfair. In season one it was a pre-planned non-elimination, hence the accumulated weekly votes (correct me if I'm wrong) the one who was leading in that week (in this case Suki) had greater chance of winning.

Right after the winner was announced I unconcsiously switched over channel and not sure if there was announcement made on who was placed second and third. The game was just not fair. I just hope Monkey Bone the label who managed OIAM3 winner, will give Esther the chance to cut an album *sigh*.

Video klip persembahan Esther mendendangkan single terbaru Menggapai Mimpi.

Really, really love her vocal delivery (very der Anitar Baker kan..hehe), cuma part yang pulling away the mic tu spoil sikit. But I have to admit I'm equally annoyed by the dress. Stylist manalah punya angkara tu?!

And here's the second song. I couldn't enjoy her performance during the live telecast as I was so worried for a wardrobe malfunction :-).

I changed the word from recycled artiste to established artiste (refering to Tomok) for this entry. Rupa-rupanya Tomok is very much active with his band The New Boyz. Album terbaru mereka (album ketujuh pula tu mind you!) diterbitkan dalam 2007 tapi langsung tiada sambutan. Dalam album terbaru tu Tomok sebenarnya sudahpun mengalami transformasi seperti yang ada sekarang, cuma ramai orang tidak perasan (it shouldn't be a new thing and nobody should've been surprised bagai nak rak, kalau ramai yang notice perubahan beliau sebelum ini). I think dia ni mau mengikut jejak langkah Rich untuk kambali menimbulkan kumpulannya yang agak tenggelam. Infact lagu-lagu dalam album baru durang banyak juga yang bagus and very current (you can sample them on their MySpace site), heran juga ya tiada sambutan langsung. So tengoklah nanti bagaimana keadaan selepas Tomok bergelar juara. Rasanya macam tidak perlu juga buat album solo si Tomok ni, sebab album dengan The New Boys pun masih perlu dipromosi. Baik lagi buat album solo si Esther dan Aweera dulu...hehe :)

Peratusan undian akhir

Tomok 39.3% (101,509)
Esther 33.29% (90,451)
Aweera 27.41% (71,703)


Anonymous said...

what happened to esther's wardrobe!? are they trying to make her look bad?
clearly she was disadvantaged from press coverage, juries, and even the wardrobe dept!
at least don't make it too obvious if they don't want her to win

jeremytuah said...

it is indeed unfair.. and u know what.. i think the elimination round was just a gimmick to get more votes.. i dont think tomok was the lowest at that time.. they just want to get more votes from tomok's fans and esther's fan.. If true tomok was the lowest, there's no way for him to pass esther's fan.. i received more that 5 votes acknowledgment from 33399 after 11 pm.. meaning??? JUARA DIRANCANG??? I voted more than enough to ensure esther will be the winner... Anyhow.. SHE's always be the winner for me.. and i believe everyone knows who the REAL WINNER is.... ESTHER luv you..

tak cerdik said...

im not sure whether they got reset the voting counter back to zero (thought only reset if its top 2). anyway... theres just too many of tomok's fan (these fan are generally voting on popularity than on "real" talent) voting in 2 hours than esther n aweera. i just cant understand why people willing to spend money for an artist to go shopping with 1million. while the other two more talented contestant's (may or may not have the package the recording company wants) singing career are depended on sposorship (if any) given this financial crisis. well this is what "most" malaysian wanted (a guy winner this season). But the worst part is spending $$$ on votes for an existing artist to go on a 1 million shopping spree. very smart move, rakyat malaysia!.

SciaS said...

if im not mistaken, undian semlm tidak di re-set to zero sbb 90% telah memilih top 3. kalo top 2, then undian akan bermula dengan zero..itu pemahaman saya..

apa2pun..kalo Esther bernasib baik..dia akan lebih 'establish' dari tomok..amen...

mana tau..Ning Baizura mgkin berminat ambil dia bernaung di bawah sykt dia ;) *fingercross*