29 Jun 2009

MJ death: Sabahans reaction

A bunch of Sabahans (mostly in KK) from all ages were interviewed by DE to get their reactions to the death of pop icon Michael Jackson.

Those two big pics on the right are not in Sabah, don't be fooled

Majority of them expressed their sorrow and sadness and how shock there were over the sudden passing and link their memories with MJ's songs. One or two of those interviewed however were in the opinion that MJ is not a good influence :-). Tapi dalam banyak-banyak yang kena temuramah saya terketawa baca reaksi seorang ni...

Hazee Romero, student:
I was shocked when I heard the news from my friend. I thought he was joking. Then I feel sad to know that the legend is no longer with us.He's one of my idols.There are many songs that I like but my real favourite is "ghost"

Bila masa pula ada lagu MJ berjudul "Ghost"? Single akan datang mengkali ni dari kubur...:D