4 Mar 2010

Musical Drama Anyone?

All of a sudden our TV channels are being flooded with the so-called musical drama series. Glee on Star World, which happens to be my current favourite (after American Idol of course), Kau dan Aku on Astro Ria (I watched this only once...oops!) and the brand new one Hotel Mania (TV3) which made its debut on 2 Mar (I wouldn’t watch this if not for Marsha..haha.. she’s doing a good job in this series).

To the west, musical drama is nothing new.…The Sound of Music, Grease, Hairspray, Evita, Chicago, Dreamgirl, just to name a few. What about in Malaysia? I’m not so sure if those movies with frequent interruptions by songs, as in most P.Ramlee’s movies, are considered musical. The same goes to some legendary movies like Akhir Sebuah Impian (Indonesia), Hapuslah Air Mata Mu (starring Shariffah Aini and Broery Marantika), Azura etc. Maybe Melo-Drama is the right term to describe those movies. I guess the real made in Malaysia musical drama is the movie entitled Kisah dan Lagu, a 70’s movie but shown quite often on TV especially RTM’s channels. The heroine was Nor Azizah, she’s miming Salamiah Hassan’s song and the hero..err..was it Hail Amir? A bit boring though...oops!

And now the big question? Bila lagi mo buat musical drama Sabah version? (or shall I say dalam bahasa Dusun). As far as I know it has never been done! has it? (Correct me if I'm wrong). How ironic because no doubt our people are well known as being very musical, don’t you agree? I did try cracking my head for a script last year but due to masa begitu mencemburui diri ku ini, I stopped halfway..haha. Imagine singing popular songs from John Gaisah’s songs to current hits…like Jimmy Palikat’s Tanak Kampung all in one movie! So to the production houses out there, bila lagi? This could be a good idea.