19 Jul 2010

The Real Face..?

So the much awaited documentary "The Real Face of Jesus?" (with question mark) was finally premiered on History Channel last night (long after it was shown in US on 30th March). It's a two hours documentary but only the last ten minutes or so they expose the face, the rest of it filled with intense debates on the authenticity of the highly controversial "The Shroud of Turin". Melentok-lentok kepala profesor ni mengantuk menunggu pendedahan wajah at the end of the docu. There were some attempts before to construct a face from the shroud, but what makes this one more interesting is the claim by the graphic artists and scientists themselves (who involved in this project) that thay've made the most stunning realistic 3D potrait of the image on the shroud, using cutting edge technology of course, itu yang profesor tidak sabar-sabar mo tinguk tu.

OK let's not focus much on the outcome as one comentator said "it doesn't matter how he looked like...it's what he did really count!"...apa yang profesor cuba tekankan dalam dua video berikut ialah teknik pemilihan muzik latar yang sesuai untuk video kita dan bagaimana muzik latar itu boleh mempengaruhi kenaikan bulu roma di badan kita :=)...mari kita perhatikan.

Video 1

Excellent video indeed...tapi pemilihan muzik kurang menarik. Apapun profesor bagi markah 80/100 ja.

Video 2

Hah yang ni cantik, walaupun video skijap ja tapi pemilihan muzik latar cukup bijak bistari, cukup dramatik dan menyentuh perasaan maka dengan itu profesor bagi markah 92/100

...no doubt many people all around the world were deeeeeeply moved watching those videos...walaupun penuh kontrovesi..


SciaS said...

awesome documentary!
it's all ur faith whether to believe or not...

dBOS-fm said...

Awesome indeed...