21 Jul 2010

Promo "Dance" Da Prinz

Setelah kita disajikan dengan lagu-lagu berentak slow dan mellow dari kumpulan ini, kini muncul single terbaru mereka yang berirama segar dan rancak berjudul "Dance". Lagu-lagu sebegini, yang seiringan dengan imej dan penampilan kumpulan ini, sememangnya dinanti-nantikan dari mereka. So...are you ready?!

Besides the new single 'Dance', Da Prinz is currently doing an interesting project with one popular producer in KL. The group is in the process of being 'mould' (probabaly fine tuning here and there in terms of concept, image etc). Once the 'moulding' process over we will highly likely presented with a group resembling a K-Pop band boy (K is for Korea ok...bukan Keningau...jan silap). A brand new single produced by Mr.PP (Mr. Popular Producer)will follow suit, it is tentatively scheduled to be released by end of this year.

Wow interesting, hopefully everything will turn out to be as planned....am waiting here for the big moment in full anticipation.