7 Jun 2012

Kokito Unduk Ngadau - Andy Ongkino

Rupa-rupanya si Andy Mystar LG1 ni bapa dia si uncle Ongkino pula kan. This is him singing one of his father's compositions from the album The Ongkino's New Album.

...very well delivered. Buli tahan dia kasi mudern lagu ciptaan bapa dia mengikut citarasa terkini :=)

And this is the widely publicised story behind the album production...seluruh dunia tau baca...:=).

Singer makes a comeback at 72


GuRaNgAk said...

Best la Kokito Unduk Ngadau tu.. Well done Andy!

dBOS-fm said...

memang best!

Anonymous said...

Love this song so much! More ongkino song from this link http://www.youtube.com/user/ongkino

Anonymous said...

like! can i have the karaoke version?