10 Apr 2006

Hunting for the ONE in KK!

The new reality show "One In A Million" kicked off in KK yesterday, in its efforts to hunt for the special one in a million talent. Having seen so many good talents from Sabah, such as Adam, Linda, Mas, Nikki, Rydee, Felix, Marsha, Yazer, Yani, JIAJA etc..... pop out with a bang! in previous reality shows, the organizer must have realized by now that there are many great talents from this land. Instead of auditioning in Kuching (as they did for the previous two series of Malaysian Idol) they headed for KK

Well..hopefully the real talents, especially those local pub singers, come out in full force for this 3-day event (9 - 11 April)......good luck guys!

Click here for more details and photos of the happenings in KK.