29 Nov 2005

"A" Rating for Nikki's Maharani??

Well that's what every review of Nikki's debut album agreed. The album was launched yesterday but probably will reach Sabah next year!. In case you're asking which Nikki, I'm talking about Nikki N. Palikat one of the ex-Malaysian Idol 1 top 12 from Sabah. The other one is Rydee. Well Nikki is considered one of the low profile ex-MI1. When five of the top seven recently reported to sign up a record deal, there was no mentioned at all about Nikki (If i'm not mistaken Nikki was the 6th contestant voted out, means she's in top six!). Perhaps when the event took place she was somewhere out there struggling to decide whether to continue her study or to become a recording artist. Well it is obvious now she opts for the latter (err...no comment!). The good news is she's not in the same bunch as the rest and selectively picked by Ning's Associates to be the first artist under it's management! Gee...there must be really something about her that attracted Ning Baizura. Cos to me if there were a newcomer to be the first artist under Ning's Associates management she's got to be Yani another Sabahan who was a protege to Ning in "Mentor" (or perhaps Ning reserve her to be the next one). Well back to the album if what's said by the album reviewers make sense there should be no reason for the album sale. What is more intereting, reviewers also give thumbs up to Nikki's Dusun song and even said that her pronunciation is superb! Well all I can say is BRAVO!! to the two Ns, Nikki and Ning...and can't wait to get a copy of the album.

Some info about Nikki
*Born in Michigan USA...err...looks like Marsha is not the only one
*Ex-student of St. Francis Convent
*Studied at UMS matriculation in Labuan (befote decided to become a recording artist)
*Father is from Tambunan
*Younger sister to Jimmy Palikat (one of the well known local singer from Tambunan)

P/s: I'm just wondering what happen to the other Sabahan ladies...Gracie and Faezahwati (1st
and 2ndrunner up respectively of NTV7's reality show Audition 2)


Anonymous said...

mati mati sia pikir si nikki ni lil sis si jimmy..

dBOS-fm said...

Ya betul pula...dia adik c Jimmy...ada org tambunan komplen tadi...ahakss!