7 Nov 2005

Makan Malam Bersama Marsha

We arrived at the venue at 6:30 pm but upon reading the signboard it says EM Restaurant (huh?!) Instead of asking the crowds, we drove straight ahead for about 4 km when I finally decided to call Mr. Bernard. Luckily his hp number is still listed in my “dialled no list”. We made a U turn once told that we had actually come to the right place (it was formerly known as Mojilip Seafood Restaurant)

Having arrived at the venue I walked straight to the AJK to make payment. Without looking around I noticed somebody was approaching us…surprise! surprise! It was Marsha . I didn’t expect to see her so soon. She approached to shake hands with us… ….without wasting anytime…apa lagi ambil gambarlah! Kelam kabut jugalah. Hampir-hampir terlupa nak buat bayaran.

Hadirin malam tu adalah lebih kurang 150 orang. Majlis bermula lebih kurang 7:30 malam dengan ucapan-ucapan ringkas dari orang-orang penting Marsha FC (dah tak concentrate dah siapa yang berucap..sebab mata asyik curi curi jeling Marsha) 2 ucapan ja. Then it’s dinner time! (well..hmmmm..i hate to say this..but the food was disappointing!! ). Someone was singing Seroja while we’re having dinner. After three people sang, Marsha took her turn, singing Imagine Me Without You, I Turned To you (Christina Aguillera), Reflection (Christina Aguillera) and a duet with someone called Cikgu Zul in a song originally performed by Ziana Zain n Awie (“Merah”??....not so sure about the correct title). Kelas habis suara Marsha….hebat!…walaupun sound system teruk sangat. I liked her rendition of “Reflection”.

Singing "Imagine Me Without You!"

Then sesi melayan/bergambar dgn peminat dari meja ke meja…satu meja hanya diperuntukan 5 minit ja…(alahai kedekutnya1)….bergambar sakanlah peminat ngan diva kesayangan ni…ada pula meja yang terlebih quota 5 minit. Not so sure if Marsha really sings a Dusun song as requested by the MC cos we have to leave early…kamerapun habis bateri! Overall it was an exciting an enjoyable evening with Marsha (minus the food of course). A good effort by Marsha FC for her to get closer with her ardent fans...THE END!


Anonymous said...

I was there too. Great evening! Marsha really entertained her fans (on stage/off stage). Agree with you on the food..:))

Anonymous said...

Cantiknya dia bila tengok live..