28 Mar 2006

Articles about K-D music in The Star newspaper.

A series of articles about Kadazandusun music were published in The Star newspaper recently. Just follow the links below to read those articles

1. In the groove Kadazandusun style
2. John Gaisah lives on
3. That 'Jambatan' song
4. Doing it Independently
5. Culture club

The articles were published since two weeks ago (not so sure how long it will be available online)

P/s: Oh ya...in case the articles are no longer available online you can read them at Kadusmusic Entertainment website


markiekadus said...

Hi, the info yang sia dapat dari Mr. Philip Golingai, The Star Newpaper punya reporter/journalist, itu artikel akan stay online only for around two weeks... but jan risau... u all still can view and read it at http://kadusmusic.tambalut.com. TQ