1 Mar 2006

Mas AF2 digosip buat pembedahan plastik??

The Hot Seat: Mas has different look
Feb 27

COSMETIC enhancements are always talked about, especially if it involves more than just the next door neighbours.

Stars suspected to have benefited from a surgeon’s knife are always subject to speculation.One such artiste who has been drawing curious glances over the past few weeks has been Asma Ghani, or Mas from the second season of Akademi Fantasia.If you’ve been keeping tabs on our story of a reality TV artiste who is now flaunting a new look with an elongated chin, then it’s about time to get the owner of the face to comment on the rumours that she has sought cosmetic enhancement.So this week, the 25 year-old is in THE HOT SEAT.

THE HOT SEAT: Mas "MANA ada?" is Asma Ghani’s reply to those who say she has definitely changed her looks. More affectionately known as Mas (picture), she refuted claims she has had cosmetic enhancement, though she admits to a strict beauty regimen that includes facials.

The enterprising businesswoman, who has plans to set up an eatery, said she was flattered by comments she looked better than ever, though she denied it has anything to do with collagen implants, despite a pronounced, elongated chin.

"I use whatever time I have to take care of my skin, and perhaps I look different as I have lost weight, but I haven’t had any implants or anything of that sort.

"Though it is doubted that even weight loss can do that much, Mas sticks by her story."My busy schedule does not permit me to indulge too much in beauty treatments, but I do the best I can, as I know, being in showbiz, I need to maintain, if not improve myself.

"Looks are everything in this business. And the pressure to look good is always there.’’Despite repeated jibes at her chin, Mas steadfastly denied any enhancements and insisted it was a result of casual beauty treatmens."Whatever I say, it can be misconstrued, as different people have different understanding of what beauty enhancements are."Air sembahyang kot," she giggles in jest.To prove her claims that she has not done any enhancement out of the ordinary apart from her usual skincare regiment, she even recommended the names of the beauty outlets belonging to her friends which she frequents."I get it done free there," she laughs.

Now that she has got the look down, Mas is geared up for the release of her solo debut, which she says is still in the planning stages."My album has been talked about for some time now, and I will have my own effort out soon, following the rest of my friends from season two of Akademi Fantasia."It is too early to say who is involved in the album, as lots of composers and songwriters have been enlisted to provide tunes for it, but my fans can be rest assured my album will be out soon." Meanwhile the mother of two is keeping busy not only with her maternal duties but her own business ventures."There are not that many shows, definitely not enough to survive on. So I realise that it is important for me to be enterprising and make a living out of my own efforts and not be dependent on others."