28 Feb 2006

How to make more Kadazans tune in

(The article below is extract from the Forum Section of The Daily Express Sunday edition)

I refer to "New Radio Timing Unfair to Kadazan Listeners" (Forum 19.02.06). First, Sorob should not complain to Sabah VFM but should make a suggestion to improve the Kadazan programme. Second, I disagree that the Kadazan prgoramme is only confined to the Penampang area. Third, I would like to convey many thanks to RTM for allocating extra-time for the Kadazan programme. However, as regular listener the Kadazan programme has room for improvement. I think the majority of the listeners to this programme are middle-age, pensioners and elderly. You can hear during the dedication hour on who are the regular contributors. Furthermore, the arrangement of music was always mixed of golden oldies, not so old and the latest songs (rojak) from the same regular artistes. Therefore I would like to make some suggestion on how to improve the programme:

1. Expand to other categories of listeners like the younger generation (teenagers and children). The way to attract them is to allocate new programme such as the Kadazan Hip-Hop hits (I hope the Kadazan programme could consider Atama and Aldro Gaisah songs since both artistes are KDM), the Kadazan Pop Rock and Pop Hits and dedication, the Kadazan Radio IQ, Religious Knowledge, the Kadazan Folk story-telling session, the Business/Entertainment World for young Kadazan, reviving the Learn a Word a Day for young Kadazan, etc.

2. The producers and DJ should produce the Kadazan Top hits. However, top hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are still acceptable.

3. The Kadazan Classic songs and yester-year songs should be on the air during and allocated time.

4. The producer and DJ must be very well-versed in current music trends.

5. The producer and DJ must posess high knowledge in current local and global affairs which he or she would share with listeners. The DJ must also be a no-nonsense person and friendly.

6. Fix a time for announcing the demise or passing away of people and the weather and business report.

7. The RTM Kadazan Section and KDCA should co-organize a yearly Kadazan Grammy Awards in recognition to the veteran, current and new singers/band/producers/composers/pioneers for the contribution to the Kadazan music industry. The venue can be at Hongkod KDCA.

I'm sure there may be more suggestion from fellow Kadazans out there. Lastly, let's preserve our Kadazan language through radio.

Crystal of Penampang

dBOS-fm: Mmmm...good suggestions. I like the Grammy Awards part. Maybe we can call it The Golden Sompoton Music Award! And just to add to the suggestions above, maybe organising a Music Expo is not a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

i strongly disagree. why there is no radio channel for kadazan only. why we have radio 4. chinese only channel. and kadazan share with other. i really encourage several radio stesen. for kadazan, for bajau etc.

Anonymous said...

kadazan is majority in sabah. radio is the only one we have to reach all the people in kampung. they do not read newspaper. my granfather always tune to sabah v fm to hear kadazan. but go sleep when bajau come up. i do not understand bayau. so do bayau will tune to other channel when kadazan section come up.