4 Feb 2006

Rocking their way to the final

Hoorraayyy!!! JIAJA made it to the final!!

Securing the most number of votes 34%!! CONGRATULATIONS!! (and celebrations??..err not yet!) Karuk was so amazing last night; the best vocalist for band category. How could one sing so good while playing the drums?? I can’t imagine myself doing that. I realised from the very beginning they’re one of the best contenders, very real and simple…not much gimmick unlike some other bands especially the Funny Rabbits (why do they have to imitate Greenday??). My other favourite was The Fugitives unfortunately they’re eliminated during the quarter final! But looking at the votes in previous rounds JIAJA seems to have the least no of votes among the semi-finalists prompting me to push my voting speed to gear five! Aarrgggh!!...at least it contributed to the high percentage!..ahakks!

I really hope to see they win the band category…they’re the best among the finalists….and deserve to win! GO KARUK GO!...KARUK GO!..oppss..silap…GO JIAJA GO!....JIAJA GO!


Deven Sinteh said...

wow jiaji.. aramaiti ni. hope they will be the winner. well done web admin.nice site

Anonymous said...

Thanks gabanblack! Yeah let's support them...and happy blogging to you!

Anonymous said...

Buli tahan jugalah kamu niii! Sabah pasal band/nyanyian/musik memang no 1. Dulu mana ada! Main bola saja hebat...he he he..ounsikou