13 Feb 2006

Adam's nomination in Anugerah Planet Music

The Hot Seat: Pleasant shock for Adam
Feb 6


“FIRST of all, thanks to the jury,” Adam gushed. “I really didn’t expect it, especially considering the level of competition. I’m just so happy that they saw something in me.”He shrugged off what he thought was the deciding factor that earned him a nomination to the jury-decided Best New Male Singer as well to the public voted category of Most Popular Male Artiste in the upcoming Anugerah Planet Muzik.“I don’t know what it is, but perhaps they saw a complete package from the music to the image and decided that I had something worth considering... but whatever it is, I am extremely thankful for the recognition.”And it is indeed a big deal for the pretty boy who has been severely criticised for having more looks than actual singing talent. He however has kept his excitement in check.The 23-year-old even played down the fact that even Mawi had only earned one nomination, and in publicly voted category at that.“It’s a little extreme to say that because of Mawi, other people can’t ‘cari makan’.“I mean, his aura is undeniable, but it’s not so overwhelming that others no place in the public’s affections.He’s modest about his achievements and takes criticism in stride.Even regarding his recent lead role in Main-Main Cinta which has been described by critics as ‘kayu’ or wooden.“Well... everyone begins from that stage, right? Not everyone has a dream outing, and I know I have to begin from the bottom, so I know I have to accept criticism over my acting and learn how to improve from there.“Everyone has to start from somewhere and I accept there are weaknesses in my acting and I promise to better myself in the future.”With Main-Main Cinta opening on 23 Feb, and co-starring Misha Omar, it’ll be interesting to see how he fares with the public. The movie is his second venture into film after his ‘debut’ in Cinta Fotokopi, and he is soon to be seen in a minor role in Diva.Fans get to see him snog Misha Omar... or do they?“That kiss was just a camera trick... a manipulation of the angles!” he laughed.Singing and his new found love for acting alone has not been the only focus for Adam lately.The pretty boy has been busy with his own business, which he says focuses on developing his career, apart from expanding into other money making ventures.“I started up a company, two in fact to handle my affairs, my financial responsibilities as well as to diversify my investments.“MA Best Event and Entertainment is strictly for event management as well as handling the financial aspects of my career, while MA Technology Trading brings in products which are not available yet here for retail purposes. Think something like an alarm clock with your favourite artist waking you up instead of a buzzer - things like that.”The companies, he stressed, which are a 50-50 venture with his uncle, however, will not conflict with his association with Maestro Talent & Management who will continue to manage his career.

dbosfm: As far as talents who come from this part of Malaysia is concerned, this is probably the best achievement (so far).


Anonymous said...

Totally agree wt you. And dont forget Azharina..at last/at least she made it -Hitz and AJL Finalist (like Adam)..tht is recognition man!..

I wish Nikki and Marsha will be recognised - not now pun--in the future.

Btw, buli ko cari n taruk dlm radioblog itu lagu dusun Nowitan ku do matai" Thank you.

dBOS-fm said...

"Nowitan Ku Do Matai"...atukk!! (Hingga ke Akhir Hayat Ku??) siapa singer ni? senang sikit mau cari kalau tau singer dia...:))

Anonymous said...

itu lah masalah sia inda tau sapa penyanyi dia. Sia terdengar pun dlm keta my fren's fren. Tht kaset pun not hers..dan to make matter worst indada cover lg. lelaki la singer dia but my fren said ada juga female singer nyanyi tu lg. dan dia pun x ingat. must be 80s pya lagu.

dBOS-fm said...

I see...KALAU sya terjumpa suatu hari nanti sya upload juga tu d sini...kawan2 yg sya tanya setakat nipun tdk tahu penyanyi sebenar...tdk kurang juga yg belum pernah dengar..:))