7 Sept 2007

3rd Sabah International Folkdance Competition

A sumazau performance by all delegates to the tune of Sayang Kinabalu sung by the Polish troupe (pre-recorded)

Just part of the Russian ensemble

(I can't help but to notice the quality of the two videos. The one on top has vivid colour but poor streaming and as for the youtube video....good streaming but blur)

A folkdance from China (Yunan)

Mula-mula tukan mati-mati kami samakan persembahan ini with our local traditional dance (infact their costumes almost typical with our own local). Sekali keluar part sumandak kena angkat 180 darjah dengan kain terselak sampai paha..sambil tercengang keluar komen "oh lain habis...ndak sama ..yang ini dahsyat...mana ada sumandak kena angkat macam tu di Sabah!" (hehe... and theirs is very intimate as well)