13 Sept 2007

More from the Folkdance Competition

So the Russian won. My two other favourites, Poland and Kazakhstan both won second and third placing respectively.

...and they leave happily ever after...

The first runner-up

The Polish troupe, the voice behind the song Sayang Kinabalu . Since they come up complete with a traditional live band, I thought they have better chance of winning.

The second runner up - Kazakhstan

The ladies were almost look the same

Joanna Henley Rampas performing the theme song of the 3rd International Folklore Festival

The Thai ensemble

The musicians really caught my attention. Rock habis! Forget about the dancers here comes 'sompoton siam'...extra long...dan boleh diputar 360 darjah semasa ditiup(silap sikit terhantuk musicians di sebelah). Gitar durang pula bukan calang-calang 'double barrel' lagi tu.