12 Sept 2007

MyStarz akhir

Arrgh! I'm still having the dreadful connection problem. I'm actually sharing this broadband with other PC (main line) using wireless network (kunun). Since the main PC was attacked by virus last week and got reconfigured everything is in haywire. My wireless network is really affected (D-Link kah entah apa nama dia ni). So in order to access the net I've to either wait until the main PC is available (like now..but it's damn slow too..still using celeron processor) or using dial-up (which I've to think twice)...erggh!

So much so with the behind the scene delay...let's talk about MuStarz...nampak gaya rezeki tidak memihak kepada Rachel dan Rubisa walaupun mempamerkan persembahan yang cukup memberangsangkan. I don't see much weakness dalam persembahan dorang. I think these two talents got them all. Nice vocal tone. good delivery and stage performance...far more better than any talents that compete in other reality shows. They look good as well (dengar khabar Rachel dilamar oleh dua syarikat rakaman antarabangsa)

Here's Rachel with Awan Yang Terpilu...(will upload other v/c once everything is back to normal)

Saya tercari-cari juga jawapan why most judges were in favour of Tahsya. The reason that I can think of is she's a lot different from most talents yang ada di pasaran Malaysia. Penampilan dan gaya persembahan juga agak berlainan (probably due to that strong boyish features). Sama ada gaya penampilan bakat beliau akan diterima umum, i'm so eager to find out.