25 May 2009

Self-released: The Frontman Company

About The Frontman Company

Once upon a time, there was The Frontman Company (TFC) basically a rock influence from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Formed by Jery (guitar) and Razie (guitar). TFC include 2 vocalist Chris and Muttar, bassist Lee and drummer Hairul. TFC was formed early year 2008.

The 1st EP contains 4 songs, such as Pendam, Bangkit and Malaikat Cinta, etc and it will be self-released. It was mixed and recorded by Mr. Christopher at i-Motion Studio.

TFC’s music was influenced by Queen, Incubus, Silverchair and Dewa19. also all the music out there that we LOVE and share,THANK YOU...

Source: The Frontman Company's MySpace