2 Nov 2009

Artistes' fat pay cheque.

There have been criticisms that Malaysian artistes are pricing themselves out of the market by demanding one-off payments up to RM80,000 per dinner show. Here's Erra Fazira defending the issue. She's in KK recently to perform at the 7th Patron's Cup Gala Dinner at Sutera Harbor KK.

So how? Those are, what I call, Malaysian 'A-list' artistes. So when are gonna have our own A-list performers, not only A-list in Sabah but also at national level...barulah boleh demand.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you. we should have our own "A-listers". lack of publicity i suppose.

dBOS-fm said...

Potential A-lister...Joanna Rampas, Esther...but they really need to work hard on PR, image presentation etc