31 Jan 2011

Jogging on Fluffy Red Carpet

After dropping a friend at Terminal 2 yesterday, I stopped by at the newly completed Perdana Park (formerly Hone Place) in Tg. Aru which was opened to the public for the first time yesterday. This place or Tg. Aru for that matter is very nostalgic since I've spent almost half of my life there :).

The park sprawls on an 18-acre site and you will not miss it on your way to Terminal 2 or Tg. Aru Beach. Here are some photos I took.

The entrance

Among its features are musical fountain, free purified water, disabled-people friendly, containerised stage that can be used for cultural shows, reflexology footpath and exercise areas. But to me the most special feature is the jogging track which is made from synthetic rubber (conventionally available only in athletic stadium). Punyalah empuk dan lembut, mo jogging barefoot pun boleh.

The jogging track, silap pandang macam red carpet pun ada

The kids playground and exercise areas are also laid
with the soft synthetic rubber..colourful pula tu

One of the exercise routines provided
at the outdoor gym..tagap-tagaplah org KK ni nanti

Gigihnya durang ber-exercise

Free purified water

Sudah saya puas minum tu air free baru saya terbaca notis di bawah ni..rupa-rupanya air dari tasik tu durang purified.

The reflexology footpath...ouch! ouch! Bagus lagi
jalan barefoot ja di atas jogging track tu macam kena
ramas-ramas juga tu tapak kaki

Fully monitored by CCTV dia bilang
..so don't try-try beramas mesra

Bad news for smokers

Video footage pakai DSLR berharga RM 300 ja..kekek

The parking lot is currently free of charge but soon visitors are required to pay. The musical fountain showcase is at 7:30 pm tapi macam saya puas sudah tengok masa di Las Vegas dulu (kekekek...kunun)