21 Jan 2011

Pretty Young Girls by Terry, Ridah and Dugong

American Idol is back, the new season premiered yesterday. With or without Simon Cowell the show must go on, a little bit awkward though as if something is missing. Steven Tyler, hmm...more actions than words (you need someone who is talkative on the critic seat). J-Lo on the other hand has the syndrome afraid of saying 'no'. I wonder if there's a special or medical terminology for this group of people...'NO-reulogy' perhaps..haha. How interesting when she admits watching the show since the first season and can even recognise those who had attended the auditions before..wow! (by just watching TV?). This is also the time for those who were in the 'so-so' category and rejected by Simon in the past seasons to come back. It appears participants are not highly rated as before, those in the 'so-so' category can easily get the tickets to Hollywood. But the good thing is, those who are really good will surely get through. Just can't wait for the next episode today ;)

Here's my featured song today, a heavily mixed local song...mixed singers, mixed language...things like that. Check it out!

Pretty Young Girls - Terry Peter, Ridah and Dugong


Anonymous said...

nda tau la napa tapi nda la sa suka ni lagu... macam kasi rusak lagu sabah ja...