5 Jun 2007

Paris vs Kingston Town

So Paris Hilton is being accused of stealing a song huh...

London, June 3 (ANI): It seems that a jail sentence is not enough for Paris Hilton, for the socialite is at the center of a breach of copyright legal battle. A 250,000 pounds injunction is being issued against her record label in the London High Court over claims that her debut pop single Stars Are Blind is a rip-off of the UB40 classic Kingston Town. Kingston Town, penned by Kendrick Patrick, is one of UB40's most famous tracks and has sold millions of copies worldwide since its release in 1989. Sparta Florida Music Group, which owns the copyright, is taking legal action against V2 Music Publishing, as well as Warner Chappell Music and ongwriter/producer Fernando Garibay. The writ claims that Stars Are Blind is a copy of a sizable part of Kingston Town. Sparta Florida plans to rely on proof from a musicologist and on internet articles, in the course of their battle. Stars Are Blind was released last year, with Hilton describing it as "some reggae, some rock, a real mix of club, cool, happy music".

"Musicologist" !??...what's that? hehe...

Anyway just take a listen to both songs on radioblog and compare them yourselves. Hmmm....to me the opening has a little bit of similarity but overall the melody doesn't clash that much, does it? Sometimes the melody you compose happens to coincide with other existing ones....a case of a pure unintentional. This is an interesting case to follow and good luck to Ms Hilton.

*I luurvvv....both of the songs!