28 Apr 2010

Meninjau Peserta AF8

There was Shariffah Aini, then Siti Nurhaliza and now....Adira! How's that sound as a promo to Adira..hehe.

I hope AF8 fanatics will always look at this video of Adira performing Sri Mersing (a hard to sing song) to help them answer the question "who deserves to win AF this season?"

Fabulous performance, the trill (lenggok) is perfect, intonation..I give 99% (just a mild struggle over two lowest notes there, I think she could handle it better if only she didn't move too much...as it affects her breathing)

Sri Mersing S.Aini and Siti version

As for Ain, I think her rendition of Kawan is her best performance so far.

She should perform this song in a laid back or relax manner but it appears to me, from her gestures, she tried hard enough injecting a rock treatment to this song, which I think is not necessary.


Si Katak Hodoh said...

Adira mmg best. Tp, ntah boleh jd juara ka tdk

swity said...

bh klu undi kc up lg..ble bah tu;p