5 Apr 2010

Felix Juara "Carta Artis Tempatan Sabah"

Inilah dia keputusan Pertandingan Akhir "Carta Artis Tempatan Sabah" (CATS)

Kredit: Sabah Times

This gundohing picture is paste on all major newspapers today for arguably being the oldest Murut (112 years old! Mind you). Could he be the oldest person in Sabah as well?

Talking about post-octogenarians, it just brings back one funny story while we were in Telupid looking for diesel to fill up our tank. It so happened that the only petrol kiosk in Telupid was closed on that particular day. A local then informed us of an alternative place to get diesel. Having reached the place (a kampung sundry shop cum petrol kiosk) we saw no one but a pakcik. He looked like in his 70's or maybe 80's, nothing like the gundohing above. We approached him with full of manner and told him about our intention. To our surprised he raised his voice as loud as yelling at someone who is 50 meters away...*LOL* (takajut habis bah). Luckily there was a woman not very far who was quick explaining to us that the man we were talking to is indeed 100 years old and could hardly hear. After exchanging 'shouts' with him several times we finally asked the woman to be our spokesperson, besides there was a slight language barrier..hehe. Seeing the two of them talking is like seeing two persons in heaty argument *LOL*. We finally told to wait for the pakcik's grandson who was suppose to be the person on duty but away just for a little while. While waiting kami berteriak-teriak sama tu pakcik...PAKCIK ASAL MANA!? (repeated at least three times)...sempat lagi kami bergurau sama cucu dia supaya letak amaran "Saya 100 tahun dan pekak...harap maaf"...haha!


swity said...

wow..gagah n sihat lg c aki2 ni.apa dia makan ar?..

dBOS-fm said...

Adalah kali tu makanan2 tradisi kaum Murut yg dia ambil...ataupun vegetarian kali dia ni :=)