28 Oct 2010

Stompin' My Head

What a real surprise yesterday. Out of nowhere, someone from Nuffnang gave me a call. When she introduced herself, I almost couldn't catch where she’s calling from (the background was so noisy due to heavy rain). I thought from Penang (cause the ‘nang’ is pronounced similarly as in Penang). The real conversation started when the lady caller asked “are you free on the 6th Nov?”. I checked my diary, NO, I’m not. She then explained the reason for her asking. Again, I’ve to struggle listening due to the disruptive line, coupled with the sound of heavy rain. All I heard was something like blah, blah, blah, choose you...blah..blah..present you with some gift..blah..blah..some cash (it was loud and clear on this part though...hahaha)..blah..blah..during Stompin Sabah. I mean, what! gift...CA$H!? Did I win something? I asked if I could confirm by the 4th of Nov, but the lady insisted a decision right here right now. It’s like “quick in 10 seconds, yes or no...9,8,7,6,5”. In dilemma huh! I finally stick to the schedule in my personal diary (sob..sob..sob). They pass the opportunity to the next blogger (I wonder who could he/she be? Congrats!). Sighs, I stomped my head on the table. Suddenly I realised I didn’t ask if I could send a representative. I wanted to call the number, but na! I think I know what the answer is. So I just wanna take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude to Nuffnang. Being chosen is like a big reward itself. I feel like winning a Grammy or something *grin*.

This is the event where I suppose to be presented with some cash (did I ask how much? Alamak terlupa lah...what if it's 10,000?)