14 Oct 2010

Lagu Pop Etnik Pilihan

Lagu pop etnik pilihan kali ini ialah lagu berjudul Suni Tupusku nyanyian Freddy Hamton


Kedai kopi hot topic

While Sosilawati (and her aides) gruesome murder case is calming down (it was the hotly chatted topic at any Raya open house :=)), the hot chat down here now is revolving around the murder of a nurse in KK few days ago. It's climbing the chatting chart I think (overtaking the Batu Sapi MP tragedy). I hear almost all rumors and speculations that people can think of. I certainly hope some ulterior motives were behind the tragic incidence (like jealousy maybe). Otherwise, we have every reason to worry if it is the work of some psycho maniac out there who is still at large.

The report she went missing

The day the body was found.

As per the news today, her uniform was spotted about a kilometre away from where her body was dumped.