5 Nov 2010

Lagu-lagu Nostalgia

Mari kita mulakan siri "Lagu-lagu Nostalgia" kita dengan menampilkan dua buah lagu berikut.

Tapi sebelum tu kepada visitors and readers dBOS-fm yang beragama Hindu (ramai tu kan!) selamat menyambut "Hari Deepavali" kalai vanakam!

Janji Tarang Bulan

Lagu ini antara lagu-lagu yang telah mencetus fenomena di arena muzik tempatan Sabah suatu ketika dahulu dan sehingga kini pun masih terus diminati. It is performed widely by locals and foreigners alike. I happened to see a Filipino band performed this song a couple of years back. They sang it in R & B, infusing acoustic saxophone in the arrangement. The verdict? I was floating on the air :-).

I thought of uploading this song from my very own collection but some hardworking beings, had already broadcast it to the world...in HD :-).

Nung Karati Koh - John Moduli

Although not as phenomenon as Janji Tarang Bulan, this song has really captured my heart. The melody is so captivating. I used not to pay much attention to this song before until one very silent night, I heard it 'sayup-sayup' from someone's car stereo. The next thing I knew, I struggle memorising the lyrics (hehe). One of the songs that I sing comfortably without much efforts or without straining my voice too much.

This is the original version, recorded in 2000. Enjoy!

Nung Karati Koh - John Moduli
(Song/Lyrics - John Moduli/John Moduli)

Nung karati koh
Suang ginawo ku
Kada oku daa dika tongkiadai
Iya no dah iya no dah songulun

Koilo koh nangku
Isai koupusanku
Koilo koh nangku
Isai koginawaanku
Iya no dah, iya no dah songulun

Oho tikid tadau om tuong
Oku id pagandadan
Koguliaan nu
Koturu romou mato ku
Kokito dino gambar nu
Ginawo ku langadon dika

Nung kopuriman
Koh daa ginawo ku
Kada oku daa dika pologoso
Id koihadan..id koihadan
Ginawo ku langadon dika

And this is the new version.

Hmm...if only they use a real acoustic sax. The music sounds a little bit rough and crowded and John's voice is not as emotional as in the old version.I kinda prefer the old version though.


GuRaNgAk said...

JTB..was, is and WILL forever be one of the greatest Dusun song! I believe even long after all of us 'leave this world'. Opss..emo pula..telebey! :)

..and yes, John Moduli's 'cassette' is in my collection :)