11 Aug 2007

The controversial "Negarakuku"

I guess everybody must have read about this controversial song. It is written and performed by a Malaysian Chinese guy named Namewee who is currently working and studying in Taiwan. He probably gets the inspiration from Too Phat to come out with something like this. To me the music is fine (performed in R n B/Hip Hop style). The hooklining part with Negaraku is fun, I like it that I can't resist singing along to Negaraku's tune in R n B style. As for the lyrics, this is where the controversy begins. First he has some bad remarks on the men in dark blue uniform. Next is the azan. But i'm not so sure whether he likes or dislikes the azan (probably a balance between good and not-so-good remarks). Next up he lashed out at the goverment staff before continued grumbling on the fate of the Chinese students like himself. Somewhere at this juncture there is an image of a real human faeces (shit)!*LOL*. So be forewarned! Despite spitting out the negative remarks he continues saying "I like my country" (I think this fellow is really confuse!)

This lad is just trying to exploit his talent and creativity through this song unfortunetly he 'injured' it by hooklining the most respected tune of the nation...the national anthem! To add salt to the injury, he stirs it with some racist flavours. It's a sweet taste for some but so bitter for the others just to take a bite (especially the government). Not so sure how the government will further react to this tune....let's just wait and see!

Negarakuku with English translation