9 Aug 2007

A good lesson...

It all started with this Ripley's Believe It Or Not news....

And the world responds....

...in China
Pleeeeeease release him...let him go!

...in South Africa
Free the boy! hail to justice!

..in Washington
Free the child!He's only 19!

...in Lebanon
Kaaaauu....terlalu istimewaaaa!!

With such an overwhelming reactions and pressures around the globe.... finally...

....back home at Gaya Street...an emotionally heroic welcome...
Medeka! Medeka! Medeka!

But then....hang on a second! Looks like there are some not so welcoming facts pop up!

-His wayward ways led to his parents separation when he was 13
-He started smoking in Year Three (9 years old?)
-A year later (probably age 10) he had already trying various drugs - via injections, inhaling or smoking
-By Form Two he dropped out of school
-while nabbed by police in KL, he was drunk, mix around with the wrong group of people at the wrong place!
-He admitted to have an "issue" with his mother! (set-set anak derhaka kah ni?)

Aiyooyoo!No wonder his mother didn't turn up to welcome him...could her refusal to bail him (RM1000) done on purpose...just to teach him some good lesson?

Aiyyaaa...manyak jajal punya budak! Long hilo oh! (wrong heroe)

Jail him back! Jail him back!

P/s:Oops..hehe...anyway everyone deserves a second chance right! Hopefuly he had learned a very priceless lesson and will turn over a new leaf.