30 Apr 2008

The Music of The Night

Gara-gara AF6...all of a sudden the song The Music of The Night from Phantom of The Opera is in the limelight. Sarimah the host of Diari AF keeps saying how difficult to sing this song. Maybe she's right. Personaly, everytime I hear this song, one sweet memory vividly flashback to my mind. I had my share of nightmare learning this song for a group performance, themed "The Adam's Family". We performed the show during the recital concert to mark the end of our three-month vocal lesson. For our recital, I played the role of The Hunchback of Norte Dame and sang this song at the graveyard. After I finished singing, the whole family woke up from their respective coffins...then all of us (including Mr. Dracula) sang Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" complete with a choreography (imagine a group of people dressed in ghostly costumes performing "All Night Long"...hehe...kreatif kan!)

Actually I record my singing many times prior to the recital, but only manage to find this particular recording, which was done during the early stage of learning this song...(time belum cukup pass lagi...mmm...I wonder how the final recording sounds like). Honestly the key is way too low for me and had to sing in notes lower than my normal low range (seksa!). I did ask the coach to shift the key higher to suit me but he replied "over my dead body!" (matilah lebih garang dari Ramli M.S). So ladies and gentlemen...are you ready! Live from Royal Albert Hall, London....presenting Mr. D.B Cooper with his rendition of The Music of The Night (Err...sorry for the low quality recording...maklumlah sound engineer lari lintang pukang ketakutan...macam real dia bilang)

Let's hear what the critics have to say

Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber: When I wrote this song I never imagine it to sound so scary like this one.

Andrea Bocelli: Your voice met with an accident at 'defenses'....and the shifting from normal to falsetto in 'pretend' is the worst i've ever imagined! *cilaka tajam juga telinga si buta ni!*

Barbera Streisand: Your tempo runaway!

Mariah Carrie: Well done...but would be more malatup with some whistling

Hetty Koes Endang: Sayang...part high note "set you freeeee" (sambil menyanyi feeling habis)...kalau bisa jauhkan mikrofonnya ya...agar suaranya nggak pecah!

Randy Jackson: Dawg you're the bomb!

Akak Paula Abdul: What's most important you get connected with the audience

Simon Cowell : EAT YOUR HEART OUT David Cook! (standing up and clapping non-stop!)


kelupis said...

Ya la,bro..kdgran sengsara terlampau randah.hehehe...Tp siuk jg bah.Tahniah!Nti ada peluang rakam balik la kasi up ckit ikut keselesaan yg betul2 selesa..Tahniah!

kelupis said...
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