25 Apr 2008

Satanic duo sent to jail.

They committed the most shocking and terrifying crime in Sabah this year (terlopong jugalah mulut saya baca laporan jenayah dua ekor binatang ni). They randomly grabbed their victim in Likas (who happened to be a second year UMS student). Forcefully pulled her into their stolen Kancil and sped off to Keningau. Along the journey they kick, beat, bite the victim and took turn to sexually assault her. All come to end after a car chasing drama in Kg. Rompon Tambunan (I think about 90 - 100 km away from where the crime started). Since orders to stop the criminal's car went unheeded the police shot the Kancil's tyre causing it to overturn and plunged into a ravine (fuuhh! A real life Hollywood drama in Tambunan...mana mau cari?). Thank goodness these satanic duo finally sent to jail otherwise...habis sumandak-sumandak di Pedalaman jadi mangsa. So sympathy with the victim...
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Just too bad they're not sent directly to hell (I mean...might as well they just get shot by firing squad instead of undergoing a jail term)

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Anonymous said...

This 2 criminals shld b sentenced to death...kenapa hanya jail? apa jadi undang2 kita? why? is it bcoz they did not kill the girl? what is the different..the girl now is in trauma...her life wl never be d same again..