11 Apr 2009

OIAM3 - Top 5

There were some unexpected and thrilling moments last night when Esther was in bottom three, together with Nine and Simon. Well, it happened to some great singers in the show before like Dayang Nurfaezah and Sarah. So the question now, will Esther join the great-voice-who-didn't-make-it club? Heaven knows. The episode also see Simon say farewell to the show.

Having watched the contestants performed songs recorded by Dato' Sheila Majid, I present here my ranking

1. Esther (Lagenda)- Wow, singing with only the piano, that was risky, wasn't it? but Esther managed to accomplish it. Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if those who are really familiar with Lagenda get annoyed with both the vocal and musical arrangements from the beginning up to the minute 1:34 (in the video). Despite the dynamic flexibility in her voice, there were some anti-climax moments, when Esther kept delaying some words and postponing some final vowels. The coordination with the piano was slightly distracted too at some points (I wish I could mute the piano..hehe). However the second part, from minute 1:34 onwards, was pretty smooth. The vocal control was superb. All the elements of dynamic vocalism, legato, marcato, staccato, aspirato were presented. It's like listening to Anita Baker singing a Malay song..:). (but how I wish this song is presented in R & B, with fingers snapping and a saxophonist at the background...ala-ala iringan Dave kozz)

2. Amylea (Dia)- A reggae treatment for 'Dia' using a simple bench as props. Smooth sailing, not much of bumpy ride. Some dynamics flexibity as well in her vocal delivery, well done.

3. Tomok (Aku Cinta Pada Mu)- Same performance as in previous weeks. Hence my same comments, predictable, same gestures...etc plus a couple of intonation issue. On the good notes, it was energetic and entertaining.

4. Nine (Pengemis Muda)- Quite a lot of pitch issue this time.

5. Aweera (Antara Anyer dan Jakarta) - He hit the high note 'Jakarta' precisely and sometimes almost precisely, the rest of it was distracting not to mention singing with no feeling, emotions and soul.