10 Apr 2009

DA - video blogs from KL

David Archuletta is in KL at this moment (if only i'm in KL I must have been star stalking right now..hehe..teringat zaman dulu-dulu di KL ada ja artis orang putih datang mesti berlari pi tengok *LOL*).

Here he is video blogging from KL...kelakar juga dengar dia sebut "lemak cili padi". Is he the first idol to visit this part of the world...mmm...let me see..nope, Taylor Hicks did go to Jakarta last year.

This guy really knows how to treat his fans..huh!

Hey kid! next time you take a video or pic, please face the lightlah
I mean standing facing the window!

Yupp I did see his photo wearing Baju Melayu...ok jugalah walaupun ada iras-iras tu jiran kami yang Pakistan...hehe.



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