10 Apr 2009

OIAM3 - Lagenda by Esther

Tonight is the Top 5 concert of OIAM3 (but will begin only after one contestant voted out, who could he/she be? Hopefully not Esther). This time contestants were assigned to do songs recored by Dato' Sheila Majid. The sole (or maybe soul) contestant from Sabah, Esther picks the song 'Lagenda'. I'm not so sure if this is the best Sheila Majid's song for Esther. 'Sinaran' is not that bad, but probably somebody has already picked that song.

My problem with OIAM3 is contestants are given short minutes to perform, based on my own timing the lenght is 1:50 sec. Which means for six performances (including the swan song of the one voted out) the allocated time is only about 11 minute! or 18% of the whole one hour show! the rest of it or 82% of the program is for iklan, chatting etc.

And here's Esther's last week performance.

Misi: "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Soul dan Blues Negara Dari Tersingkir"