9 Apr 2009

American Idol - Farewell to Scott

My earlier expectation, he will be at least in top five.

My ranking for the the concert last night

1.Adam Lambert (Mad World). This guy could really project various sounds in his singing. Soft (as flute), hard (as thunder), screeching...you name it...dynamic! And he projected mostly soft sound in this song!

2.Matt Giraud (Part-Time Lover)- Wow! This is what I expect from someone who already had two full studio albums. I like the new arrangement. Great singing, despite some minor bumpy notes along the way.

3. Allison Iraheta (I Can't Make You Love Me) - A reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson? To some extent probably yes.

4. Danny Gokey (Stand By Me)- For a second I thought Gokey was born in the 60's, didn't expect though they accept recycle hit :-). Another CD quality voice delivery, but I really can't take that version of 'Stand By Me'.

5. Kris Allen (All She Wants To Do Is Dance) - Despite the noises from the judges, it's not that bad (bias kah ni? Hehe)

6. Anoop Desai (True Colors)- Good delivery, very emotional but slightly sharp on some part.

7. Scott MacIntyre (The Search is Over)- Vocal wise, probably his best, although the part right after the high, big note was slightly 'off-road'. The 'punk' role is not for him either (good try), the hand gestures remind me of William Hung.

8.Lil Rounds (What's Love Got To Do With It)- As a rule of thumb for lady aspirants, leave Tina Turner song alone..hehe, unless you have her sound effect.